Many associations now require members to maintain active status within the organization by participating in seminars or attending a certain number of CE sessions to maintain their certification level.

We have developed a self scanning process which allows attendees to print up a list of sessions attended during the conference which can be used for submission to regulatory departments for achieving accreditaion. Alternatively the system can print up a preformatted document with a list of the sessions and associated credits, simply by placing the attendee badge beneath the attached barcode reader or typing in your badge number.

Attendees can now print off their own accreditation document before leaving the show. It's convenient, fast and easy and best of all, it's included with our conference service packages. Onsite registration terminals can be converted to accreditation document printing stations at the end of the day or prior to the closing of the event, saving you on additional equipment charges.

Following the close of the event, the data can be uploaded to a website allowing attendees to print up their certifications online , again saving show management time and effort.

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For events where seminars participation is optional, we provide a means of tracking participation in individual sessions by using our handheld EZ scanners at the entrance to the session or seminar. The room monitor simply scanns the attendees badge at the entrance to the session and this information is downloaded into the registration database to produce a list of seminar participants or turnstile counts.The same process can produce a contact list that can be distributed to the session speaker or sponsor of the seminar.

The same process can be enabled to track individuals as the leave the session to produce a list of in/out access times. This enables event planners to track the time spent in sessions and monitor the length of the session or ensure delegates remained in the room for the duration of the educational session.

One of the most important features of any registration system for event planners is how effectively it can track actual attendance. We all know that not everyone who registers is able to attend and show management needs a means of reporting not only registration numbers but also attendance statistics.

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