We offer on-site registration services including all equipment, software and technical support to ensure your next event runs smoothly and efficiently. We will design, configure, set-up and support your on-site registration to capture all relevant information and print name-badges as delegates arrive to the event. We can capture the same information you used in the pre-registration process prior to issuing a name badge.

For those who are preregistered, all they need to do is provide their name and business card or ID to one of our on-site registration clerks and their name badge is printed quickly and they are on their way. Badges can be searched by last name, company name, unique ID code, or using the bar-code imprinted on their confirmation form. By separating your on-site registrants from those who preregistered, you speed up the process, reduce waiting times and lines and encourage on-site delegates to preregister for the next event.

We provide laptop data entry terminals networked to laser printers. Whether you need 40 data entry terminals or a stand alone system for a smaller event, we can help. 

If you have an existing membership database or managed pre-registration on your own, as many of our clients do, we can import your data into our system for on-site name badge printing and accurate event attendance reports.

We provide complete end of event reporting, including registration and attendance statistics, financial summaries, registration details and database integration services. Most reports can be provided on demand throughout the event or we can schedule reports for specific times. For post event reporting, we can format the report data to match that of previous events, so your statistics are easy to understand.

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